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Benefits of using DTH

Single e-trade services

Are all available e-trade services and trade-related service networks for local and global service providers to be integrated into the DTH providing end-to-end support to businesses for cross-border trade, network and knowledge sharing to drive innovation within the internet ecosystem.

Support for all trade activities between the countries through Azerbaijan

DTH is a smart service network based on business process management that automatically generates and processes relevant tasks for export, import and local affairs in accordance with the trade procedure.

Ease of use

The client doesn't need to resubmit the same information for every new transaction since the data, once entered, is stored in the system. The data can be used for other transactions and submitted to third parties, such as banks, logistics companies and the Customs Committee, with just one click, dramatically simplifying the cargo clearance process.

Reduced working hours and costs

DTH saves companies’ time and expense by replacing all offline procedures and integrating other trade-related activities.

Tailor-made services for each user

Users can customize their experience within the DHT environment by selecting relevant menus and services.

Versatile user interface

E-trade services can be accessed through various channels such as web portals, solutions, e-services according to the different IT environments.

Secure transactions

Since the DTH can be accessed only by authorized users, transactions are protected from fraud, forgery and financial incidents.

Facts and Figures

At DTH we are committed to provide our clients with the highest standards of digital security for international trade. With the knowledge and experience, we have gained, we support business entities in deploying turnkey solutions for realizing their goals across the world.

Azerbaijan, which has experienced impressive economic growth over the past two decades, is home to a friendly and hospitable business environment, one that welcomes and encourages all types of foreign investment. The country’s oil-focused economy is being diversified by creating new business opportunities within the agricultural, construction, education, communications, tourism and ICT sectors. In 2018, Azerbaijan achieved 25th place in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business ranking.


10 m


86.6 km 2

Member of:


Internet usage:

80% =uses internet regularly

A reliable exporter

Trading $21 mln. with more than 170 countries around the world

Exporting $12 mln. with trade surplus

Rapidly growing exports in carbo-hydrates, ICT, and other industries

Advantages of exporting

Azerbaijan appreciates a strategic geographical position at the heart of North-South as well as East-West trade corridors

Azerbaijan is an island of stability, not only in the region, but also in the world

The country is on a steady track of economic development

The government has a firm focus on development of various sectors of its economy and adoption of various state programs

Political neutrality – Azerbaijan is not represented in any military-political alliance and is a member of the Non-Aligned Movement

Azerbaijan is actively integrated into the global marketplace

Azerbaijan outstrips many countries for ICT development. According to the International Telecommunication Union’s report, Azerbaijan is ranked on the 69th place for ICT development

Our highest rankings

Azerbaijan ranked 8th among the 139 nations included for both "Importance of ICT for Government Vision" and "Government Success in ICT Promotion." according to the Global Information Technology Report 2016

For "ICT use and Government Efficiency" under Social Impact sub-index, the country came in the top 10%according to the Global Information Technology Report 2016

Azerbaijan was also ranked 14th in "Government procurement of advanced technology products" according to the Global Information Technology Report 2016

World Economic Forum's "Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018" ranking: 35th

2nd in "Protecting minority investors" according to World Bank rankings for 2018

9th in "Starting a business" according to World Bank rankings for 2018

17th in "Registering property" according to World Bank rankings for 2018

22nd in "Getting credit" according to World Bank rankings for 2018

Azerbaijan's digital society, in numbers:

2% GDP savings though digital signature and e-government

100% of customs declarations are filed online

90% of tax declarations are filed online

100% labor contracts are completed online

100% of B2B and B2G invoices are submitted online

100% of the country has full mobile network coverage

It takes 5 minutes to establish a company online

More than 600 public and private e-services are available

There have been zero data security incidents or breaches

All major banks and mobile networks issue mobile ID (Asan Imza)

91 organizations and databases have joined the X-Road platform

More than 850,000 mobile ID certificates have been issued

More than 40 million transactions and mobile ID signatures have been carried out within the last 5 years, saving hundreds of millions of working hours

More than 70% of companies are registered online using Asan Imza

95% of devices on the market are suitable for Asan Imza

Every digital signature given in Azerbaijan is estimated to save at least 1 EUR and mobile signatures save an estimated 5 days per year for every working person

There are over 450 e-services offered on the government's single point of contact site,